Photo Gallery

Concertmaster Katia Popov with Anthony Daniels (C3PO), John Williams and Dirk Brossé after one of the Star Wars concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

With composer David Newman at the Hollywood Bowl, preparing for Movie Night)

With the Long Beach Symphony

With David Benoit and Matt Cattingub and the Glendale Pops Orchestra

Concertmaster of the Glendale Pops

With Andrea Boccelli at the Hollywood Bowl

With Bruce Dukov at a fundraiser for Africa

With my Fonzie and Zippie

After a concert at the Greystone with the three Andrews – Shulman, Duckles and Greybill

With my friend Concertmaster Endre Granat at Sony MGM

Someone made this for me…

With my friend Alan Grunfeld after my Kitesurfing accident

The famous TODD-AO studio

With Randy Newman at the Oscars…I must have told him a funny joke…